Returning September 2019. King City, ON

The Fourth Annual Gianni Giro will take place September 2019. The event will includes biking, trail walking, family amusement at a highly charged fun fair and bbq. Proceeds will benefit Heart & Stroke and the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre at UHN. This event is graciously supported by The Country Day School. Participate in a 5KM family ride, 45KM or 90KM long distance ride, our scenic trail walk, a gourmet bbq and a family fun fair.




Dr. Heather Ross

Dr. Heather Ross is one of Canada’s most esteemed cardiologists, leading an interconnected clinical care and research program at University Health Network’s Peter Munk Cardiac Centre.  As a specialist in issues related to advanced heart failure, Dr. Ross is harnessing big data and innovations in technology to transform health care delivery, and improve outcomes for people living with heart disease.  When Dr. Ross is not at the hospital tackling the most complex cardiac cases, she is climbing mountains and trekking to the ends of the world to raise awareness for heart failure research, cardiac transplantation, heart health and organ donation.  Her goal is to motivate people to live their life to the fullest, as she says at “any age, and stage – test your limits”.  She is looking forward to riding in Gianni Giro on September 24, 2017.

Heather Completing the Death Ride in Tahoe. The ride took Heather over f....jpg

Frank Petricone

In May 2011 at age 50 Frank suffered a major heart attack wherein his right main artery was 100% blocked. He was very fortunate to have presented early enough at the hospital for them to save his life. While doing the 6 months of cardiac rehab that followed he became determined to not be like many others who gradually return to a sedentary life style and increase their odds of recurring heart trouble. Frank started riding under strict restrictions that summer and by 2013 all restrictions were removed. He has been riding longer and harder every year since. This August he rode in the Tour for Kids and accumulated 436km in three days. Frank looks forward to riding in the Gianni Giro as an ambassador to riding vs heart disease. After Tour for Kids someone asked me why he rides so much, his response was simple: “I ride to stay alive”.

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Lisa Grassa

Lisa Grassa has been riding for 10 years. As an indoor cycling enthusiast, it was a natural progression for Lisa to invest in a road bike and hit the pavement. Riding has become one of her passions. She loves that riding is something she can do on her own or with others. Also, Lisa finds biking to be a great way to explore when traveling. A highlight was when she biked along part of the Camino de Santiago. Lisa values that riding is something positive for her mind and body. 

Lisa is an active member of many philanthropic events around the city for which she strives to bring people together for a cause through powerful and interactive engagement.  As an educator, she is interested in the way media impacts children's well-being. Lisa is riding Gianni Giro on September 24th to raise awareness and she encourages you to go to and learn more about healthy habits for children. 

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Gabe Mensah & Dr. Erica Ainsworth   

Gabe Mensah is a seasoned Executive Chef, he believes food and fitness are the bridges to good heart health.  

Gabe has a strong drive to stay in shape and make it a family affair.   His motivator is a father with a history of heart problems and is a stroke survivor. Gabe's wife, Dr. Erica Ainsworth is an avid cyclist and Cross Fitter, and understands the concept of living an active and balanced lifestyle. Gabe and Erica are looking forward to making Gianni Giro 2017 an amazing family adventure on Sunday, September 24th.   

Gabe Mensah &Dr. Erica Ainsworth.jpg

Brett Johnson

Brett was hooked on riding ever since he can remember and in his spare time you can find him teaching spin classes and taking his love to the road. His family lived in BC for a short period when he was 5 years old and he would ride in the hills on an old CCM where he earned his duck seat. The rain never stopped his love for the ride.  

He would always ride with his family around town and through the parks, always sure to be an adrenaline rush right from the start chasing his older brother. Brett says "This is a shot at my old man and his Raleigh Peugeot", with his father not amounting to the likes of Brett and his brother's speed.   

Brett has always loved the feeling of speed and being in the outdoors.   He is motivated to ride Gianni Giro for its scenic views and mostly the cause with a family history of his grandfather who fought through a stroke at 67 and his grandmother who passed away early of heart failure. He goes above and beyond staying fit by competing in his first Triathlon in 1999 in King City and since has completed 5 Ironman across Canada. 

Brett is keeping the wheels turning for Heart and cant wait to ride Gianni Giro on September 24th.

Photo credit: Jose Uribe / Pureblink

Photo credit: Jose Uribe / Pureblink

Mark Greenspan

Mark Greenspan has been riding since he was a child. His first love was mountain biking through Don River Trail to off-road fatbiking through obscure trails.  Mark believes in a proactive approach to his health by exercising his physical through cycling and exercising his mind through mediation enabling him to continually push his training forward. Today he can be found trekking through the city streets anywhere from hitting business meetings to Toronto cultural events to bike excursions with friends.  Mark is looking forward to riding the luxurious scenic scapes along the York Region roads for his first attempt riding Gianni Giro's annual charity ride on September 24th. 

Mark Greenspan.jpg

Carlo Fantin

Carlo has been riding for 5 years. His dad had always wanted him to get into riding but he was more interested in team sports such as hockey and soccer.  After the passing of his father 5 years ago, he decided to give it a try and to his surprise, he loved it.  Today, he does alot of fundraising rides with his team on behalf numerous charities including Heart and Stroke. His love of riding extends from enjoying the outdoors, meeting great people to staying in top form for heart health.

Caledon 100 k ride for did it..jpg

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